Newsletter – August 2019

Τhe sixth Newsletter of the Jean Monnet Chair "EU Budgetary Governance and Audit" examines, at first, the Information Document (June 2019) of the European Court of Auditors (ECA), regarding the attainment of the targeted performance in the field of the Cohesion Policy. Τhere is also an analysis of three ECA Special Reports. The first (No 6/2019) concerns the fight against fraud within the framework of the EU spending, suggesting the fortification of the audits in policy areas with a large fiscal impact, such as Cohesion Policy. The second (No 7/2019) characterizes the EU's actions in the field of cross-border health care as quite ambitious and acknowledges that any improvement in the management of these actions is required, while the third (No 10/2019) examines pan-european extreme situation simulation exercises in the banking sector, noting that despite the fact that they made available an unprecedented volume of information, it is of utmost importance for such exercises to be better coordinated and with greater focus on risks. In addition, over the past few months, the Chair was represented in the Summer School "European Governance, Migration and Citizenship" organized by the Jean Monnet GovUNet Network in Mytilene (hosted by the University of the Aegean), through the presentation of a paper on "Decision Making and Budgeting in the EU: the Game of Thrones in European Governance". The Chair also participated in the Summer Seminar "The challenges for the European Societies", organized by the Jean Monnet project EUVAdis University of Macedonia (by presenting an analysis on "Budgetary Challenges for the EU in view of the 2021-2027 programming period") and in the International Conference "The Impact of EU Structural Funds on Greece (1981-2019): Successes, Failures, Lessons learned and Comparisons with other EU members ” organized by the University of Peloponese (by presenting a paper on "Managing ESF resources from 1981 to 2019: The EU Auditors' point of view"). Furthermore, the Chair hosted its 3rd guest lecture given by Sir Graham Watson, a Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and former MEP (representing the United Kingdom), who delivered a speech the future of Europe and Brexit. Last but not least the Chair had the great pleasure to providing a group of students from the University of Macedonia with efficient support in order for them to join an International Entrepreneurship Competition for New Leaders and to succeed in winning it. The competition was under the auspices of George Washington University of the United States and there were a great number of European, American and Canadian universities that participated therein.

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