The Jean Monnet Essays focus on critical issues relating to EU Budgetary Governance and Audit, and their effect on European Governance in general, especially with regard to the results of the policies funded by the EU budget, these results being examined at national and European level. The essays will be based on the most recent data available, including legislation, case law, policy positions and documents, economic and financial data. The content of the Essays refer to the following: European Budgetary Governance - Principles and Challenges, Types of Budgetary Governance and Management, Audit in the European Financial Management System, Audit and Evaluation Findings. The creative nature of the Essays is a very significant educational element, therefore several of these Essays are selected papers produced by students within the framework of the courses included in the Chair’s teaching programme. The whole process of their production will benefit the participants as they will develop profound knowledge of all aspects of European Budgetary Governance and Audit and they will acquire relevant up-to-date information, as well as professional experience as junior researchers. The activity will be continued after the end of the project’s contractual period.
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