Ms. Mara Brugia, Deputy Director of Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), delivered the 1st Jean Monnet Chair Guest Lecture for 2023

The new year has started quickly for the Jean Monnet Chair “EU Budgetary Governance & Audit” at the University of Macedonia. On 16.1.2023, in the context of the “Structure and Operation of the EU” course, the Chair had as guest speaker Ms. Mara Brugia, Deputy Director of Cedefop, who, although she participated in the event via teleconference for health reasons, presented to the students in a very demonstrative and thorough way the position and role of an organization like CEDEFOP in the EU institutional framework and analyzed the scope of work of the body in question, namely the study and development of vocational education and training in the context of emerging trends in demand for skills and abilities in the European labor market. The students in turn submitted a series of questions to Mrs. Brugia, highlighting their interest in the EU, developments in the European labor market, and prospects for professional rehabilitation. A very fruitful and exciting dialogue was developed which will undoubtedly be repeated in future events of the Chair.