Newsletter – April 2020

The eighth Newsletter of the Jean Monnet Chair "EU Budgetary Governance and Audit" could not be stranger to the current developments in the EU. Thus it entails a detailed introduction marking the unprecedented impact of the outbreak of the COVID - 19 pandemic as well as the EU’s multifaceted response in order to clamp down on the severity of the situation, notwithstanding that the question on the size and distribution of the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021 – 2027 is still under discussion. Following its introduction, the Newsletter discusses the Opinion no. 2/2020 published on 14 January 2020 regarding the Commission’s proposal for amending the Regulation establishing common provisions for the next planning period, 2021-2027.

Furthermore, it brings up the Opinion no. 3/2020 which examines the proposal 2020/0054 (COD) on the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the amendment of the Regulation (EU) no. 1303/2013 and Regulation (EU) No 1301/2013 for the purpose of taking specific measures that provide extraordinary flexibility in the use of the European Structural and Investment Funds and thus, assist the EU Member States in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of both the health of citizens and the resilience of their economies.

Moreover, the Newsletter does not omit to refer to the Audit Preview on the EU Action Plan against disinformation and it takes into account the Special Report 6/2020 of the European Court of Auditors on Sustainable Urban Mobility in the EU as the Special Report 7/2020 on Applying Cohesion Policy.

These respectively stress that it is not possible to achieve substantial improvement without commitment on the part of Member States and that the Cohesion Policy has comparatively low cost, but the data on the economies’ assessment remain incomplete. Finally, with regard to the Chairs’ activities, the Newsletter refers to the Chair’s first book, which was published, on March 2020, by the Publications of the University of Macedonia, entitled "EU Migration Governance: Budgeting and Spending in times of crisis as seen by the European Court of Auditors" and written by the Chair’s Head, Professor Mr. Dimitrios Skiadas. It also includes information on the Chair’s Jean Monnet Essays and Notebooks which have been published recently.

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