2nd Annual Conference on EU Budgetary developments and the role of European Court of Auditors – Presentation of the European Court of Auditors’ Annual Report

On March 18th, 2019, the Jean Monnet Chair "Budgetary Governance of the EU and Audit", at the Department of International and European Studies (Univ. of Macedonia), held its 2nd Annual Conference, in collaboration with the Institute of International, European and Defence Analyses of the Department, as well as the European Court of Auditors, for the presentation of the later's Annual Report for the financial year 2017. During the Conference there have been presentations on the recent developments on budgetary governance in the EU and their impact on the Greek budgetary governance, the use of state aids in the Greece according to the relevant EU legal framework and the findings of the European Court of Auditors focusing on the cases of fraud against the financial interests of the EU and the financing of NGOs by the EU. The list of participating speakers entailed the following:
Assistant Professor Aik. Savvaidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Jean Monnet Chair
Dr Ev. Mouameletzi, Director of Research Activities at the Centre of International and European Economic Law
Assistant Professor Ev. Balta, Panteion University
Mr. Dim. Finokaliotis, Lawyer, PhD Candidate, Member of the Administrative Council of the Thessaloniki Law Bar
Professor Dim. Skiadas, University of Macedonia, Jean Monnet Chair
Dr N. Milionis, Head of Chamber I of the European Court of Auditors and Vice-President of the Greek Court of Audit.

Download the presentations here:
D. Skiadas
A. Savvaidou
N. Milionis