Participating in the GovUnet International Conference on «Migrations & Valeurs Europeennes»

On 28.2.-1.3.2019 the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Macedonia participated at the Conference «Migrations & Valeurs Europeennes» organised in Paris (College des Bernardins) by the Jean Monnet Network GovUnet, with a lecture of the Chair-holder, Professor D. Skiadas, on the topic «EU spending on the migration/refugee crisis: Value for money or Money Show». During the conference there have been very interesting presentations on the interaction between the migration crisis the EU's values, focusing on the EU's institutional and political weaknesses, the actions of the EU institutions, the legal issues and the relevant case law of the ECJ, issues on the protection of the EU's external border as well as the freedom of movement within the EU, etc.
Download Prof. D. Skiadas presentation here