EU Cohesion Policy

Course: EU Cohesion Policy
Year: First
Semester: First
Teaching Staff: Associate Professor Dimitrios Skiadas

The basic aim of the course is to provide an analysis of the theoritical basis, as well as of the managerial aspects of the EU Cohesion Policy. It entails an examination of the historical course of this Policy as a means of explaining its current contents, and the basid arguments put forward in order to justify it are being analysed. The relation between the EU Cohesion Policy and the Lisbon Strategy (till 2010) and the Europe 2020 Strategy (since 2010) is discussed in detailed. In this context, the EU Bugdetary Governance thematic is being introduced as the basis for the govarnance and the management of the tools for the implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy (Structural Funds, European Invetsment Bank, New Financial Instruments etc). There is also an overview of the EU Policy on State Aids, as a tool of controling the financial interventions forseen by the EU Cohesion Policy. A brief presentation on the relation between the EU Cohesion Policy and Greece is also included. In addition to the lectures undertaken by the Chair holder, there will be guest lectures by experts on issues relating to EU Cohesion Policy and EU Budgetary Governance and Audit. Teaching will be supplemented by active participation of the students in the form of undertaking research and submitting essays which, after correction by the Chair holder, will be presented by their authors to their fellow students, and then there will be discussion on the respective topics (discussion groups).





EU Cohesion Theory


Historical Course of EU Cohesion Policy (1950-1986)


Historical Course of EU Cohesion Policy (1987-Today)


EU Cohesion Policy and Lisbon Strategy/Europe 2020 Strategy


Financing EU Cohesion Policy: EU Budgetary Governance


EU Structural Funds – Principles and Rules


Cohesion Fund - European Investment Bank


New EU Financing Instruments


Financial Management of EU Cohesion Actions


Audit and Evaluation of EU Cohesion Actions


State Aids and EU Cohesion Policy


EU Cohesion Policy and Greece


Presentation of Essays

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