Comparative Budgetary Governance and Audit in the EU

This is a new Seminar aiming at providing the basic information on Budgetary Governance and Audit in the EU Member States. It focuses on the basic elements of Budgetary Governance and Audit in various Member States, at a comparative basis, the selection of states being focused on the type of budgetary governance and audit adopted by each state. Thus the participants are able to form a global picture on how budgetary governance and audit is formulated across the EU and thus be in a position to evaluate the corresponding system of the EU itself.

The Seminar aims to increase the participants’ familiarity with concepts such as budgetary governance, sound governance, audit, and the existing perception on these concepts in the various Member States of the EU. This will reinforce the participants’ potential to understand the usefulness of the budgetary governance as a mechanism of analysis of the structure and the operation of the administrative and managerial scheme in every Member State. The Seminar’s duration is 10 hours.

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