Principles of Public Administration

Course: Principles of Public Administration
Year: First
Semester: First
Teaching Staff: Associate Professor Dimitrios Skiadas

This course is conducted in English, as it is part of a Postgraduate Programme, titled “International Public Administration”, addressed primarily to persons that seek employment in international organisations. The objective of the course is to address crucial issues, considered as principles due to their importance, with respect to the management and regulation of public administration in a framework of good governance. It focuses on the following: rule of law, Reliability and Predictability of administrative action, Accountability, Openness and Transparency, Coherence, organizational capacity and citizens’ participation, soundness of public financial management as a means for technical and managerial competence, and the standards of the “SMART” governance and action (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). The course is based on the relevant OECD and EU analyses and approaches. The desired outcome of the course is to provide an integrated overview of such principles, establishing their advantages as bases for action and their shortfalls as bases for reaction and correction. In addition to the lectures undertaken by the Chair holder, there will be guest lectures by experts on issues relating to Principles of Public Adnministration and their relation to EU Budgetary Governance and Audit. Teaching will be supplemented by active participation of the students in the form of undertaking research and submitting essays which, after correction by the Chair holder, will be presented by their authors to their fellow students, and then there will be discussion on the respective topics (discussion groups).





Concepts and Definitions of Public Administration


Historical course of Public Administration


Approaches to the study of Public Administration (Behavioral, Systematic, Ecological)


Approaches to the study of Public Administration (Structural/Functional, Public Choice, Contingency)


Principles on Strategic Framework of Public Administration


Principles on Policy Development and Cooperation


Principles on Public Service and Human Resource Management


Principles on Accountability


Principles on Service Delivery


Principles on Public Financial Management – Organisation and Framework


Principles on Public Financial Management – Governance and Operation


Principles on Public Financial Management – Internal and External Audit


Presentation of Essays

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