EU Legal and Budgetary Issues

Master’s Degree on European Integration and Governance
Semester 1
EU Legal and Budgetary Issues

The course on EU Legal and Budhetary issues will provide an analysis of the legal and budgetary framework of the EU’s organization and operation. The topics examined during the course entail the nature of EU Law and the position of the EU legal order, the analysis of the EU law-producing mechanism, the main elements of EU administrative operation and function, and the decision making procedures. All these are seen through the spectre of the various types of governance and management provided for by the EU financial regulation, including an analysis of the system of EU Budgetary Governance, as well as an overview of the provisions on the Single (Internal) Market, the schemes on Judicial Review in the EU and the measures adopted to protect the EU financial interests against fraud and similar activities. In addition to the lectures undertaken by the Chair holder, there will be guest lectures by experts on issues relating to EU Law and EU Budgetary Governance and Audit. Teaching will be supplemented by active participation of the students in the form of undertaking research and submitting essays which, after correction by the Chair holder, will be presented by their authors to their fellow students, and then there will be discussion on the respective topics (discussion groups).





EU Legal Order – Nature of EU Law


Principles of EU Law


Sources of EU Law - Law-Making Schemes in the EU


EU Public Administration – EU Budgetary Governance


Centralised Governance and Management of Policies and Resources


Shared Governance and Management of Policies and Resources


Decentralised Governance and Management of Policies and Resources


Audit Schemes and Evaluation n EU Budgetary Governance


The principles of Sound Governance in EU Governance


The EU Single Market


The EU Judicial Review System


Protection of the EU’s Financial Interests against financial crimes


Presentation of Essays

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